Jukeboxes For Sale

Most of ourJukeboxes are offered for sale. You can come to our location to view and test any jukebox. Payments accepted are cash and check and Credit Card. (There is a small fee (3%) for credit card use and check payment must clear before customer takes delivery)

About Our Jukeboxes:

  • We only select jukeboxes that are worthy of resale. If a box is in bad shape, we will not resell it.
  • All of our Jukeboxes have been taken apart and reconditioned from the ground up. We clean all of the spilled beer, soda and other beverages out of them. We remove the nicotine buildup they accumulate while on location. We service the amp, mechanism, selector and credit systems. We replace lightbulbs, ballasts, switches and other mechanical and electrical gear.
  • All of our Jukeboxes come with a 3-month warranty - a unique Palmetto Jukebox offering. No other companies offer a warranty on parts and jukeboxes that can be over 75 years old!! Please note that we can offer this warranty for juekboxes that are sold within a reasonable distance from our location. For those sold greater distances, we can offer phone tech support and will work with our customers to either find a local repair facility or repair the jukebox using phone support.
  • We will deliver and setup your jukebox for free within Summerville and select surrounding areas (30 miles from our location).
  • Free phone tech support.
  • Prices below include records or CDs, title strips but does not include sales tax.
  • Values below are taken from The Always Jukin' Guide to Collectible Jukeboxes.
  • All of our Jukeboxes come with a little history. We research to determine where each jukebox was located and when it was taken out of service.
Condition (1-10)
Sale Price
1987 Wurlitzer SL600 Smaller 45 Jukebox - perfect for smaller gameroom. Excellent Sound. Working dollar bill and coin mechanism. 8.0 --


1992 NSM CD New CD mechanism. Plays home-made CDs!! New speakers. New CD PLayer. Complete Overhaul. Great for mid-size game room. 8.5 $1,500 SOLD!
1984 Rowe R85 Larger Starlight 45 Jukebox with excellent base response. Good sound with large selection of songs. Working coin & dollar bill mechanism. 7.5 $900 SOLD!
1951 AMI D80 Old Fashion, Collectible AMI unit. From the 1950s! Restored. Very Nostalgic! 9.0 $2,400 SOLD!
1960 Seeburg AQ160 Excellent shape. Rebuilt Amp. New Needles and Tubes. One of Seeburg's Best! 9.5 $2,800 SOLD!
1978 Rock Ola 1978 Disco-Style Rockola with LED Lighting, Built-In MP3 Player with remote Control and Cool Sound 7.5 $1,300 SOLD!
1996 Rock-Ola / Antique Apparatus 8000X This is a ROCKIN' CD Jukebox with a Blazing 850 Watts of Power. This JB is loud and full of Bass! It has a visible mechanism just like the older 45 Jukeboxes. Includes a remote control. Perfect for any game room. 8.5 $2,900


1979 Rowe R-83 Smaller 45 Jukebox - perfect for smaller gameroom. Holds 100 Records for 200 Selections. 7.5 $1,200 SOLD!
1980 NSM ES-160 Smaller 45 Jukebox - 80's Style (Rockband Design on front). Great for small gameroom. 80 Records (160 selections) 8.5 $1,100 SOLD!
1975 Rockola 460 Cool 1970's style jukebox. Very Cool Glow! Good sound. 9.0 $1,500 SOLD!
1972 Wurlitzer Superstar Came from Bar in Columbia, SC. Completely rebuilt front and top. Rebuilt amplifier and selector and greased up mechanism. In perfect working condition. 70's style box. 8.0 $1,200 SOLD!
1997 Rowe CD Bubbler This is practically a brand new Rowe CD Bubbler with less than 900 plays! It was purchased and used in a private residence in Clemson, SC. It is nearly flawless. On Freeplay, but can be set to coin mechanism (included). Wood is in near perfect condition. 9.8 $6,000



1997 Rock-Ola CD Bubbler This is a newer Rock Ola CD Bubbler that was purchased new and never spent any time in a bar. It is in excellent shape and nn freeplay, but can be set to coin mechanism (included). Wood is in excellent condition. 9.5 $6,000 SOLD!

1982 Rowe RI-5 Romantica

This is a great example of a nice Rowe 45 box. It holds 80 records (160 songs) and is in GREAT shape. Refurbished Mech Contol Unit and replaced bass speakers. Credit switch added. Works on coin or freeplay. Small and light-weight. Great for small game rooms but big on sound! 9.0 $900 SOLD!
1998 Rowe CD Bubbler This is used Rowe CD Bubbler that is in good condition. It was originally vended in a small shop in a town outside Macedonia, SC. It is fully functional with a few flaws that are not obvious. It has a slight crack in the plastic pillar as well as some scratches on the wood. It was recently services with a new battery, lights, pillar syncro and was thoroughly cleaned. On Freeplay, but can be set to coin mechanism (included). 8.5 $5,000 SOLD!
Rowe 45 Bubbler Holds 100 45 rpm records which are included. 45s are mostly 50s and 60s music. Beautiful walnut cabinet, with 150 watt amp and modern electronics, recently cleaned and throughly inspected by Palmetto Jukebox. This is a customer's box that is for sale. 9.0 $5,500 SOLD!
1967 Seeburg SS160 Showcase 1967 Seeburg SS160 Showcase with 160 selections. It is BIG and bulky but nostalgic with great sound and a rotating record display. 9.0 $1,500


1957 Seeburg 100L This is a 1957 Seeburg 100L in GREAT CONDITION. Amp, selector and mechanism have been rebuilt. The box has been fully restored inside and out and includes 50 records, title strips and a warranty 9.5 $4500 SOLD!
1971 Seeburg USC2 Bandshell Firestar This is a 1971 Seeburg USC2 Bandshell Firestar 45 Jukebox. It holds 80 records for 160 selections. It is originally from Georgia and has been restored to good working condition. Rebuilt amplifier, selector and rebuilt mechanism. Includes records and title strips. It also includes the exclusive Palmetto Jukebox Warranty. 8.5 $3100 SOLD!
1990 Wurlitzer Bubbler Wurlitzer Bubbler One More Time CD Jukebox. Rebuilt amp and computer. Excellent condition! 9.0 $5700


1940 Rockola SUPER Luxury Lightup

This is a BEAUTIFULLY RESTORED Rockola Super Luxury Lightup. This antique jukebox has been restored both inside and out. It sounds and look original. Inlcudes keys, original working coin gear and free credit switch. You won't find a better looking and sounding jukebox of this vintage. 9.5 $4200 $2899
1978 Seeburg Disco This is a classic 1970's Seeburg jukebox. Very 70's looking. It is powered by a brand new seeburg computer. It has been rebuilt from the ground up. New 12' 200 watt subs, expanded center channel sound, rebuilt amp, rebuilt mechanism. We even installed new cabinet shocks and casters. Holds 80 records (160 selections). 8.0 $1500 SOLD!
1983 Rowe R87 Rowe R87 jukebox built in 1983. It was placed in a bar in Columbia, SC. It is in great shape with no speaker dents or kicks. Speakers are in great condition. Includes a rebuilt computer and mech control. It holds 100 records (200 selections) and has a serviced amplifier. Great sound and 200 selections for a cheap price! 8.5 $1000 SOLD!
1991 Pioneer Laser Juke This is the original Jukebox that was produced by Pioneer in an attempt to get into the jukebox business. It was a successful jukebox but proved to be too competitive. This unit has been converted to MP3 using the CD-Adaptor brand conversion. It includes a hard drive full of music and a remote control. Includes $ validator and coin validators. Has a flashing LED display on the front. 8 speaker sound which is amazing!! 7 $1300 $999
1976 Seeburg Entertainer This is a classic 1970's Seeburg jukebox. Very 70's looking. It has been rebuilt from the ground up. New 12' speakers, rebuilt amp, rebuilt mechanism. Holds 80 records (160 selections). All new chasing lights are installed along with casters. 8.5 $1700 $1200

The above jukeboxes are ready to sell. You can visit us to hear and see them prior to purchase. They come with a warranty, delivery, music and a manual.

****Interest-free layaway is available****

The jukeboxes below are available as-is or can be restored if purchased by a customer. Please call to determine when and how much it would cost to have a box restored.


Current Inventory Waiting For Restoration:

Wurlitzer Amerciana I, II, III, 3610

1955 Seeburg 100J

1953 Seeburg 100G

1939 Rock Ola Luxury Lightup ST39

1940 Rock Ola Super Luxury Lightup

1991 Pioneer Jukebox

1972 Wurlitzer 3610

1971 Wurlitzer 3500 Zodiac

1940 Seeburg Envoy

1970s Seeburgs: SPS 160s, SPS2 Metadors, STD2 Entertainer, SMC1 Discos, SPS2 Metadors, 1963 Rockola, 1963 Wurlitzer 2700


Please contact us if you have an interest in other models. Our inventory changes often and we can generally find the box you are looking to purchase.


Note that a jukebox is in many cases an investment. Generally, the older they get, the more valuable they become. Buying a jukebox from Palmetto Jukebox means you get a restored, working machine that over time can increase in value. To see photos of the above machines, visit our photo gallery page.



CREDIT CARDS: Palmetto Jukebox accepts credit cards as payment, however in most cases we add in the credit card fee to the total of the sale. In some instances, we may elect to not accept a credit card as payment. CC payments may be made over the phone or in person.

Cash & Checks: Palmetto Jukebox accepts cash and check as payment. Personal checks must clear before a jukebox is delivered or left at a customer location. In some cases, a valid license may be required with a personal check purchase.



  1. Amps, selectors, control centers, selection computers, mechanisms, power supplies, record players, radios and any other components that are part of a jukebox or radio are warrantied for 3 months after delivery date which is recorded on invoice provided to customer. In the event a warranty claim is required, the customer must contact Palmetto Jukebox within 3 months with the concern or problem. For items shipped long distances, the customer may be required to ship the item back at the customer's expense.
  2. Completely restored jukeboxes are warrantied for 3 months after delivery of the jukebox based on date that is recorded on the invoice provided to the customer. Phone support is provided. In-home support is provided for jukeboxes that are within 50 miles of Palmetto Jukebox (PJ) office. We will make every effort to visit the customer site (in the very rare instance) for warranty repairs. For those jukeboxes located outside the 50 mile radius tech support will be provided via phone. PJ will work with the customer to diagnose the issue and repair the issue over the phone. In the event another part is required, the customer will mail the faulty component back for a replacement or repair. The customer is responsible for shipping to PJ and the PJ is responsible for return shipping to the customer.
  3. Jukeboxes purchased from Palmetto Jukebox that are sold with a warranty are warrantied for 3 months from delivery. Palmetto Jukebox will provide in-home service and support for these boxes as long as they remain within 50 miles from company headquarters in Summerville, SC. Phone support is provided over 50 miles. The company will work with the customer to diagnose the issue and repair the issue over the phone. In the event another part is required, the customer will mail the faulty component back for a replacement or repair. The customer is responsible for shipping to the company and the company is responsible for return shipping to the customer.